Children's Nutrition: Healthy Lunch and Snack Ideas

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Going back to school in hot weather is challenging as food needs to be kept fresh and tasty until lunch time. Use an insulated lunch box with an ice-pack included which can help to keep food cool and safe to eat. Another suggestion is a bottle of frozen water in your child’s lunch box as this will also help keep lunch cool and provide an icy cool drink.

Lunchbox Ideas:

  • Sandwiches, rolls, or wraps (preferably multigrain, rye, or wholemeal) filled with a source of protein such as tuna, salmon, chicken, or lean cold roast beef. Add some cheese and vegetables, such as capsicum, lettuce, tomato, cucumber or a spread of avocado.

  • A piece of fresh fruit such as an apple, pear, kiwi, strawberries, orange, or banana

  • Yoghurt in a small tub (100g)

Snack Ideas

The ideal scenario is for children to have snacks such as fruit, vegetable sticks with some cheese or hommous, or a small tub of yoghurt, but often children desire some sweet foods, such as cakes, chocolate, etc. so try and include a snack, such as a small muesli bar or a mini homemade muffin, in your child’s lunch box for recess which is a healthier option. Look for snacks that are less than 400 kJ.


Drink plenty of water and this should be the preferred choice. Sweetened drinks such as cordial, soft drinks, fruit juice, flavoured mineral water, fruit juice drinks and sports drinks should not be viewed as “an everyday drink” .

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