Healthy Weight Management

Weight gain is usually the result of eating more than our body needs and not doing enough physical activity. If we take in more energy than our body burns up the excess energy is stored as fat.

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There is an abundance of new diets and weight loss methods, all promising a miracle cure. A lot of these diets produce initial rapid weight loss methods, all promising a miracle cure. A lot of these diets produce initial rapid weight loss, however not the desired long term weight control.

Fast weight loss is mainly loss of water and lean muscle tissue. When you return to your normal eating patterns you will regain water and your weight will be the same as before. If you exercise, the lean tissue comes back, however if you don’t your body will be more flabby than before.

The most effective way to lose excess fat and to keep it off is to lose weight slowly by:

Changing your eating habits

Increasing your physical activity levels

How will Ingrid help you?

This might be the first time you have tried to lose weight, however if you have tried other programs and products Ingrid would like to gain an understanding of what worked and what did not work for you. She will develop an eating and exercise plan tailored to your needs, lifestyle and social situation.

Small changes are just as effective as a total lifestyle overhaul. It is totally up to you. Ingrid will work with you at whatever pace you select, so your experience is enjoyable. She will set realistic goals with you. Ingrid ‘coaches’ her clients and gives practical advice based on the latest scientific evidence. She also uses techniques based on mindful eating.


Ingrid will provide you with a comprehensive nutritional educational package including topics such as fat, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, glycemic index (GI), portion sizes, label reading, physical activity, eating mindfully, emotional eating, healthy cooking techniques, recipes, recipe modification, healthy snacks, dining out and goal setting.

She is committed to increasing the quality of your life!